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About Dean T Moody

Dean T Moody, Voiceover Talent.

The Most Interesting Voice Actor in the World.

-Hollywood-born, raised all over the USA
-US Air Force Intelligence translator for the NSA
-Hollywood projectionist
-4th grade teacher
-ADR and Looping artist for films and TV
-Read the entire Harry Potter book series out loud to friends and family (no, not all at once)



“Dean’s always been reliable and enthusiastic, more happy to encourage and carouse with the other members of our cast. I have enjoyed every minute working with this guy. Such a warm and positive addition to our little band of voice actors! Thank you for setting the tone and mood as the very first voice in the production, Dean. You really set the bar high!” – Angela McCain, Director “Fables Radio”

“Dean was incredibly pleasant and professional to work with. Giving fantastic performances and being incredibly prompt with sending over work. I look forward to future collaborations with Dean. A great talent and addition to whatever he takes on.” – Ronnie Brodie, STATIC, Little Man in a Cup Prods.

“I found it a pleasure to work with Dean. He has a very pleasant and professional approach. As a student, I really appreciated his patience and perseverance in fulfilling my request. I look forward to working with Dean in the future, as I’m sure will many of my fellow students.” -Pat Clancy, B.A. Animation and Motion Design, LSAD, Limerick, Ireland

“Dean is one of those special talents that goes above and beyond to ensure that he’s offering the very best on any project. We’ve had the pleasure of working together on numerous projects; as a fellow talent, Dean is a pleasure and an inspiration to perform alongside. As a producer, I’m astounded at the dynamic versatility, quality of performance, and whole-hearted commitment to a role that Dean brings to the table. A real asset to any project, and a terrific guy to work with.”–Carson Beck, Producer/Engineer

A Little about Me…

From the tender age of seven, my little brother and I would indulge ourselves in old radio theater albums, where the “theater of the mind” held sway, and the power of voice acting made a deep impression. The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly, and many other old radio shows competed for our attention with the classic TV cartoon voices of Paul Frees, Stan Freberg, Paul Winchell, Daws Butler, Gary Owensand of course, Mel Blanc. In the following years, I took pleasure in reading MAD Magazine movie satires out loud into my 3″ reel-to-reel tape recorder, using different voices for each character. After four years of high school Drama and two years of community theater doing Brecht, Coward, Inge, Wilde, and Shakespeare, I joined the US Air Force, where I entered Slavic Language Studies in order to work for the National Security Agency, both stateside and in Southern Italy. While in Italy, I had my own radio show on the base station. Later, I was asked to become a member of the looping group Visual Voices with Disney voiceover legend Ginny Tyler, with whom I worked as a VO and ADR artist on over 10 films. More recently, as a 4th-grade teacher, I have had many opportunities to use my skills as a storyteller to engage a most highly demanding audience: a room of 30 nine-year-old kids (as opposed to 39-year-old kids).

Today, I strive to provide my VO clientele with a colorful range of vocal offerings, professionally recorded in my home studio. All this, along with a fast turnaround time, serve to help the client solve their problems, assist them in realizing their creative vision, and ease their worried mind.



World-Voices Organization, Inc. – Associate

Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound (REPS)

American Radio Theater

Midnight Mystery Theater


EAGLEMAN – Gunner Fog – Madison Stubbs, dir.
FABLES: Legends in Exile – King Cole – Angela McCain, dir.
STATIC: Stormin’ Norman – Frank/Norman – Ronnie Brodie, dir.
STATIC: Flatline – Gordon – Ronnie Brodie, dir.
SHAKESPEARE’S STAR WARS: Verily, A New Hope- Han Solo – Zach Walz, dir.
RAILWAYS of CROTOONIA – Shelbert/Montana – Milan P, Dir.
READJUSTMENT – Judge/Therapist – Isabel Morales, dir.

The Goodbye Bird – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Wm. Clark/Tannen, dirs.
Windrunner – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Wm. Clark/Tannen, dirs.
Just Like Dad – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Blair Treu, dir.
Breaking Free – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, David McCay, dir.
The Paper Brigade – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Blair Treu, dir.
Wish Upon a Star – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Blair Treu, dir.
Undercover Kid – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Linda Shayne, dir.
Coyote Summer – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Matthias Alvarez, dir.
Address Unknown – ADR, Looping – Leucadia Films, Shawn Levy, dir.
Anarchy TV – ADR, Looping – Red Hat Prods, Jonathan Blank, dir.
Blood Run (Outside the Law) ADR, Looping Nu Image/Millenium Films, Boaz Davidson, dir.

FILM – On-Camera
The Beemish Syndrome – Supporting – Dale Gelineau, dir.
Love – Supporting – 1211 Entertainment, Frank Aragon, dir.
Werewolf – Supporting – Tozart Prods., Tony Zarindast, dir.

Southern European Broadcasting – San Vito Air Station, Italy

Blithe Spirit – Charles Considine – Blair Players, James Coday, dir.
Pure As the Driven Snow – Mortimer Frothingham – Blair Players, James Coday, dir.
The Bad Seed -Reginald Tasker – Blair Players, James Coday, dir.
Eat Your Heart Out – Charlie – Normanni Players
Picnic – Bomber – San Gabriel Valley Players, Ralf Etwas, dir.
Norman, Is That You? – Norman – San Gabriel Valley Players, Ed Simmers, dir.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Tom Snout – San Gabriel Valley Players, Paul Burr, dir.
Merry Wives of Windsor – Slender – San Gabriel Valley Players, Paul Burr, dir.
Tom Sawyer – Joe Harper – Jester’s Playbox, Beverly Bishop, dir.


Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies/Elem. Education, Summa Cum Laude – California State University Los Angeles

Voiceover for Animation— Ginny Tyler — Los Angeles Valley College
Voiceover: Commercial Acting/Improvisation — Brigitte Burdine — BB Casting
Voiceover: Commercial and Narration— Michelle Thorson
Voiceover: Commercial and Narration— Nancy Wilson— Such A Voice
Voiceover: Character  development for Animation–Everett Oliver

Voiceover: Character Development for SnapDemos —Pat Fraley
Voiceover: Characters for Videogames – Dave Fennoy
Voiceover: Character Development for Animation: MJ Lallo
Voiceover: Character Development for Animation: Gin Hammond

Stage Acting and Improvisation— Beverly Bishop— Jester’s Playbox
Stage Acting and Improvisation— James Coday— Blair Players
Improvisational Acting—- Laurel Ryan—– Unexpected Productions